End Of Day/Shift Register Close Out Procedures

cash register It is important for your manager and employees to be well trained on the register. Few points to consider:

First, you will have to assign who works the register. You don’t want all your employees that happen to be behind the counter to ring up a customer here and there – that gets chaotic. If mistakes are made you’ll never track exactly what happen or who made the mistake.

Second, make sure you have set procedures for employees that do work the register. One of the most important things is to make sure the register gets counted at the beginning and at the end of every shift.

Third, on a busy day, if mistakes are made during the process of ringing something up, make note of it and keep going. You don’t want a mistake that can be fixed later to hold up your flow of ringing your customers up for parties, open play, etc. It’s important you make a note of it, Saturdays can be crazy, and even thought you think you’ll remember the mistake or the amount at the end of the night – chances are you wont – write it down.

Fourth, with standard cash registers as pictured above, never Z-out until everything adds up. At the end of the night, if you are not at the location, and register is off, make sure your employees also know to do everything except the z-out. That way you can come back see what happened, fix mistakes, and then z-out to close out the register in the morning.

Fifth, if numbers do not add up, make sure the checks amounts are correct and put in correctly. Of course this only applies if you accept checks and if people have written you a check that day, but many times errors are made in closing out because of checks, our close out procedure has a clearly designated cell for the checks – see below.

You can purchase our register close out log below.

This register log can be used with any stand-alone register machine and is currently used at the Ready, Set, Jump! jump center. Over the last few years it went through a few modifications making it  very simple and easy to use. The register log is in the excel spread sheet format. No Microsoft Office? No problem! Get OpenOffice for FREE.


  • Includes morning, mid day, and night/close out sections
  • Password protected to prevent employee changes to formula fields
  • Includes cash, check, and credit card fields
  • Calculates end of the day Over/Short amount.
  • Includes field for employee tips.
  • All on ONE page – easy to print!

This download pack includes:

  • 1 register log for SINGLE credit card machine
  • 1 register log for TWO credit card machines
  • 1 checklist for general close out procedures for employees
  • 1 register log with comments explaining certain input fields

This log will honestly save you hours of frustration setting up your closeout register log.

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  1. Luther Williams says:

    Is the cash register close-out procedure download not included with my membership?

    • InflatableStartup says:

      Hello Luther, this document is included in your membership! All materials are included in the one download package.

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