7 Advantages of Building Layouts with 2 Separate Jump Rooms

Building Layout for Indoor Jump Center with 2 Jump Rooms

Sure, there are many important things to consider when starting your own inflatable jump center, but one of the earlier decisions that will make a huge difference on your day to day operations is your building layout. If you’re not sure what to look for in the building itself, this article just might help you out also!

In every conversation I had this year with future owners of an indoor jump center, one question consistently popped up – “Do you have any building layout suggestions?” This led me to describing the advantages I’ve experienced first hand managing two different jump centers, one 12,000 square feet, and the other 6,000 square feet.

Here are the advantages:

1. Offer Private Birthday Parties!

Having two jump rooms allows you to offer private parties. I know this is simple, but without two rooms, the alternative is mixing the birthday party kids in with open jump. Parents love being able to have a separate jump room just for their kids. This is great because you can charge premium pricing and end up making more money. Keep in mind with separate rooms you can also accommodate camps, field trips, school triprinp, corporate teambuilding events, etc. while still being able to offer open jump to your walk-in customers!

2. Host 4 Parties at the Same Time!

Weekends are going to be your busiest days, and your number one revenue stream will come from birthday parties. Since there are only so many hours in a day, the way to maximize profits is to be able to host up to four parties simultaneously. This can be achieved with two jump rooms and two cake rooms. Here’s how it works:

Host 4 Parties SimultaneouslyThe first two parties arrive, sign in, and go into their assigned jump rooms. Once the playtime is up, those two parties will move into private cake rooms, allowing the next two parties to arrive and go play in the jump rooms.

This way by the time we opened up to the public for open jump at 2:30 pm on Saturdays, we already knocked out six private parties. After 2:30 pm one room remains open to walk-in customers, while the other is used for remaining birthday parties. Of course you can always open up both rooms for open jump if a time slot was not booked for a private party.

3. Split Up Open Jump by Age Groups

With both jump rooms open and no private birthday parties, you can split up the kids into separate jump rooms. This way the older kids don’t run over the young ones. Trust me, the parents will walk up and thank you. Even if you don’t have two jump rooms or one room is being used for a private party, you can still split up the kids by equipment pieces. Simply assigned two different inflatables to each of the two age groups – and to be fair, make them switch every 15 minutes or so. In either scenario make sure you have an attendant watching to make sure everyone follows the rules and plays safely.

4. Maintenance With No Down Time

You can close individual rooms down for maintenance, cleanup or to move inflatables around, all while keeping the other room open for business.

5. Lower Weekday Costs

Weekdays can be slow, so instead of having all moonwalks inflated and all the lights on, why not just keep one jump room open? When more kids show up you can easily open up the other room.

6. Disco Lights

Disco lights are a huge hit, especially amongst older kids and of course during Teen Nights. But what do you do during open jump, when kids range from age 2 and up, and not all parents want the lights to be out? Simple! Turn one room into a disco light party room, while the other room remains with the lights on. Now the kids decide which room to play in.

7. Music Suitable to Each Jump Room

This last advantage is dependent on additional audio system setup, but gives you the option of playing different music in each room. Consider the costs when doing your research; this may be a nice upgrade once you’re established, but not a necessity.

This covers the major advantages, if you can add anything to this list or if you have any questions please comment below.

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